2025-The Entire World on the Internet

future of internetInformation sharing over the Internet will be so effortlessly interwoven into daily life that it will become invisible, often through machine intermediaries. The spread of the Internet will enhance global connectivity, fostering more positive relationships among societies. The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and big data will make people more aware of their world and their own behavior. Augmented reality and wearable devices will be implemented to monitor and give quick feedback on daily life, especially in regard to personal health. Political awareness and action will be facilitated and more peaceful change, and more public uprisings like the Arab Spring will emerge. The spread of the “Ubernet” will diminish the meaning of borders, and new “nations” of those with shared interests may emerge online and exist beyond the capacity of current nation-states to control. The Internet will become “the Internets” as access, systems and principles are renegotiated. An Internet-enabled revolution in education will spread more opportunities with less money spent on buildings and teachers. Dangerous divides between haves and have-nots may expand, resulting in resentment and possible violence. Abuses and abusers will ‘evolve and scale.’ Human nature isn’t changing; there’s laziness, bullying, stalking, stupidity, pornography, dirty tricks, crime, and the offenders will have new capacity to make life miserable for others. Pressured by these changes, governments and corporations will try to assert power – and at times succeed – as they invoke security and cultural norms. People will continue – sometimes grudgingly – to make trade-offs favoring convenience and perceived immediate gains over privacy; and privacy will be something only the upscale will enjoy. Humans and their current organizations may not respond quickly enough to challenges presented by complex networks. Most people are not yet noticing the profound changes today’s communications networks are already bringing about; these networks will be even more disruptive in the future. Foresight and accurate predictions can make a difference; “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”


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