1983-Microsoft Introduces Word

microsoft wordOriginally called multi tool, the first version of word was released in October 1983 for Xenix and MS DOS. In an effort to market word, Microsoft distributed 450 000 disks with a demonstration version of its word program in the November issue of PC World magazine for free in an attempt to compete with WordPerfect for a market share, making it the first program ever to be distributed on a floppy disk. It was only in 1989 when Microsoft word for windows was introduced, that it became a global standard. For the remainder of the decade, Microsoft made more profit from this one piece of software by recoding it several times so that it would work on different operating systems. All of the work came to a head in 1987 when they released a version of Word that would work across all platforms. This version was also the first version that incorporated rich text format (RTF) instead of just plain text. This allowed people to give their text more depth by altering fonts, boldness and other such characteristics.



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